• Ghana Alliance against Hunger partners and work with organizations that are primarily focused on nutrition and hunger related programmes at national and community level as members. It considers organizations’ track record and passion in this field as very significant in its recruitment drive.
  • It also considers organizations with grassroots presence as very key allies. Strategically, it considers organizations that belong to networks as very important members in reaching out to the various food security and nutrition networks in Ghana.
  • It commissions mapping of members across the country to assess members capacity and influence at national and community level. It uses this approach for all other networks it creates for food security and nutrition.
  • Ghana Alliance against Hunger is made up of NGOs, CSOs, faith-based organizations, farmer-based organizations and community-based organizations.
  • The Alliance has 40 members and 150 collaborators/partners including Ministry of Food and Agriculture and Ghana Parliamentarians Against Hunger and Malnutrition. It works with its partners in food security and nutrition advocacy. The Alliance a seven member advisory board and a five member Secretariat team. HAG is headed by an Executive Director. It also has a sub-technical committee.