A Status Report on the Ghana Civil Society Coalition for Scaling-Up Nutrition in the context of SUN Movement

The Status Report on the Ghana Civil Society Coalition for Scaling-Up Nutrition (GHACCSSUN) and its role in scaling up of  national nutrition programs  in the context of the SUN Movement was presented by Dr. Frank Mcavor at the launch of GHACCSSUN.

Objectives of GHACSSUN in Supporting the Scaling-Up National Nutrition Programmes

  • Leading nutrition advocacy and policy dialogue, supporting the design and implementation of national multi-sectoral nutrition strategic plans, promoting multi-stakeholders coordination mechanisms
  • building national capacities and monitoring various actors to ensure consistency and accountability in nutrition policies across  Ghana


  • In context of the SUN movement, GHACSSUN was formed to build on existing policies and programmes, increase stakeholder engagement and amplify the current political commitment in the Ghana.
  • GHACSSUN is a national civil society coalition encompassing all relevant and interested CSOs, donors, non-state actors and state actors involved directly/indirectly in the fight against malnutrition.
  • GHACSSUN  believes peer capacity building will ensure consistency  and accountability in nutrition policies in Ghana

The Problem

GHACCSSUN to amplify the role of civil society in scaling up nutrition in the following areas:-

  • High burden of:
    • Ø 28% stunting
    • Ø 10% LBW
    • Ø 78% Children under 5 anaemia
    • Ø Up to 19 million people at risk of undernutrition
    • Nutrition has low priority
    • Insufficient capacity
    • Limited capital investment:-
      • Ø Insignificant government investment
      • Ø Donor-driven

Relevance of GHACSSUN in the SUN Movement

‘The role of civil society is crucial in advocating and sustaining political will for government action, in monitoring and accountability of both the public and private sectors, as well as in service delivery’


  • Needs assessment of all CSOs involved in nutrition specific and nutrition sensitive actions
  • Create a strong link with donor community and  other national alliances world- wide and identify  and document best practices and disseminate
  • Identify and document private sector partners
  • Build capacity of the Coalition based on results of needs assessment
  • Establish Monitoring and Evaluation mechanism

GHACSSUN Achievements: Multiple actors

  • Developing CSO capacity
  • Communication for Scaling Up Nutrition
  • Civil society participation in key national nutrition programmes
  • Engagement of development partners
  • Engagement of the business community
  • Monitoring & reporting on progress nutrition activities & programmes
  • Formation of a national SUN Civil Society Coalition
  • Active participation in Cross-sectoral  National Planning Group /SUN/MOH/ FORUM since  Sept 2012
  • Development of appropriate Governance Structures and Guidelines for Coalition
  • Official launching of GHACSSUN, August 1, 2013

Process as Outlined By GHACSSUN

  • Needs

–    Mapping of CSOs in Ghana

–    Resource mobilization

–    Develop unified advocacy framework

  • Actions

–    Organize and bring CSOs together

–    Formation of CSO governance structure

–    Develop a plan of action for identified needs.

Bringing CSOs together in Ghana

Status of GHACSSUN in the Process

  • CSO Participation in meeting  GHACSSUN in February 2012
  • High level  meeting  on Governance structure of GHACSSUN in Accra, Sept 2012
  • Meeting to announce the commencement of  Strengthening of GHACSSUN Project  May 2013
  • Official Launch of GHACSSUN in  Aug 2013
  • Full implementation of the Multi-Donor Trust Fund sponsored Project on course on.
  • Several other meetings to update Members of the Coalition on the stage of SUN implementation in Ghana.


–    Baseline Study of CSOs involved in nutrition in Ghana

–    Commenced in all 10 regions of Ghana

–    Mapping of CSOs in Ghana

  • In progress in the three Northern Regions and Greater Accra ( 4 Regions)
  • Continuing mobilization of CSOs

–    Resource mobilization

  • Planned local fund raising commenced
  • Arrangements for a  Musical Concert to raise fund completed
  • Event Planner recruited  to organize series of fund raising activities

–    Unified advocacy framework

  • Consultants commenced work GHACSSUN  Advocacy Strategy Plan
  • Working with GHS to develop common advocacy strategy
  • Supporting the reorganizations of Parliamentarians Against Hunger & Malnutrition
  • Backstopping the Mobilization of Parliamentarians to join the Caucus. Number of members has increased from 12 to 28

3-year Plan of action for GHACSSUN

  • GHACSSUN Strengthening Project supported by Multi-Donor Trust Fund initiated and programmed to run for 3 years
  • Key strategic objectives
  • Establish an independent multi-sectoral CSO coalition
  • Raise the profile of nutrition as a development issue in Ghana through sustained advocacy program
  • Build the capacity of CSOs to be able to sustain Nutrition advocacy towards SUN in Ghana
  • Create forum for exchange of best practices among CSOs involved in Nutrition

Key contributions of GHACSSUN to Ghana SUN efforts

  • Representation on the national & international SUN forum
  • WFP has been nominated and accepted as  GHACSSUN UN partner
  • Contributed to National Nutrition policy drafting and finalization
  • Participation in the Cross-Sectoral Planning Group

–    Selection of a Nutrition Ambassadors

Nutrition Ambassadors

Abrantie Amakye Dede                                  Joyce Aryee

Key Challenges

  • Initial lack of understanding of Role by CSO partners in the national SUN implementation
  • Funding from local sources is essential but a huge  challenge
  • Development of a governance structure that is acceptable for all members
  •  harmonization of Country players in an efforts to avoid duplication (REACH)

The Way Forward

  • Intensive communication targeting family and community practices
  • Review of existing materials/development of job aids
  • Strengthen Technical Supervision and monitoring
  • Validate national nutrition policy and have it ratified
  • Develop costed implementation plan for nutrition including SUN (first  1000 days of Child’s life)
  • Strengthen inter-sectoral collaboration.
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